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About Us

Our story and who we are...

Michele is the truest of artisans and has been creating things from the time she could pick things up. Her natural talents were nurtured by her amazing Grandmother Evelyn who owned her own ceramics shop that Michele spent endless hours in. Whether it’s sculpting, painting, molding or having the patience to listen to all of her wife’s insanely wild ideas she is the zen of the duo.

Samantha is the wandering gypsy soul that finds inspiration in everything and turns that into insane and wild ideas she lures Michele into making with her. Sometimes its steampunk characters from Alice and Wonderland, or creating puppets from under the sea or mythical lands to creating serenity in their garden oasis with chimes, sparkles and feeding the birds.

We’ve been creating and evolving our art for over twenty years together and we plan to continue for far longer than that.....even if it means epoxying our fingers back on to keep doing what we love.

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